reduce your home electricity & gas rate, commercial electricity & gas rate, or your industrial electricity & gas rate


Exploring various energy options

We get it. Finding an energy plan that suits your needs and is cost efficient can be confusing and exhausting. At iEnergy, we work to eliminate this. How do we do so? Simple! No more middle man. By utilizing several different tools, we are able to provide a simple, efficient, network for our customers. The need for an energy broker is virtually non-existent.


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Power to Choose

iEnergy offers one of the largest networks of suppliers to give you a choice. With this large network also comes competition. When energy companies compete for your business, you are able to secure a low, competitive rate.

Energy that Works

 for You


Listen, Develop, Implement

First and foremost, we listen to and understand your needs.


By analyzing your budget, investments, and past usage data as compared to current conditions, we are able to aid in exploring various energy options.


We work very closely with our clients to develop a strategy that perfectly tailors to their needs. The strategy will help you as a customer accomplish both short and long term goals.


Next, it’s time to implement the plan. We always keep you up to date and encourage collaboration on future decisions, so you stay informed and educated.


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