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Energy Sourcing

We get it. Finding an energy plan that suits your needs and is cost efficient can be confusing and exhausting. At iEnergy, we work to eliminate this. How do we do so? Simple! No more middle man. By utilizing several different tools, we are able to provide a simple, efficient, network for our customers. The need for an energy broker is virtually non-existent.

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Energy Efficiency

When properly implanted, energy efficiency initiatives can decrease energy consumption anywhere from 10% to more than 40%. Not only does this help cut costs, it also can enhance productivity and result in a heightened return on investment.


At iEnergy, we are committed to being green and the environment is of high importance to us. Not only do you have a social responsibility to manage your resources, but it is also imperative financially. Environmentally friendly initiatives drive greater value to those who implement them.

Risk Management

When it comes to Energy Risk Management, we understand your every need and deliver a comprehensive analysis and plan. We work hard to bring you a tailored plan that protects you from the negative financial networks that can be associated with energy markets

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Energy Incentives

With the rise of fiscal incentives to become and maintain an eco-friendly company, programs that offer rewards for being green are spreading quickly. iEnergy will provide you all information you need concerning available incentive programs, and which programs will best fit your needs. Not only do energy incentives help the environment, but they also help increase your income.

Energy Monitoring

iEnergy’s staff is passionate about all aspects of the energy, which means not only do they help you navigate the energy market, they also work hard to get you the best possible return.


Our staff keeps a constant eye on energy markets, monitoring new opportunities, potential hazards, and any other factors that may affect you.

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