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Don't go it alone

When it comes to Energy Risk Management, we understand your every need and deliver a comprehensive analysis and plan. We work hard to bring you a tailored plan that protects you from the negative financial networks that can be associated with energy markets .


iEnergy utilizes technology as a cornerstone in order to most efficiently procure energy and generate competition. No matter how uncertain energy costs are, we implement an energy risk management service by adhering to the following analysis:

Energy that Works

 for You


  • We listen. We identify your goals, objectives, and review current energy initiatives.


  • We audit your calculator results, capital budget and investments, determine your appetite for risk, and historical usage data against current market conditions and developments to help you discover energy opportunities within your organization.


  • We work with you to formulate a Targeted Energy Strategy — one tailored specifically to meet your needs and objectives — that aims to accomplish both short and long term goals and rank orders action items to help you best achieve them.


  • We put the plan into action.


  • We create a positive feedback loop through ongoing market monitoring, keeping you perpetually informed, and allowing us to collaborate with you to make educated decisions, yielding optimal results.


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