reduce your home electricity & gas rate, commercial electricity & gas rate, or your industrial electricity & gas rate


Saving every last bit of energy

When properly implanted, energy efficiency initiatives can decrease energy consumption anywhere from 10% to more than 40%. Not only does this help cut costs, it also can enhance productivity and result in a heightened return on investment.

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At iEnergy, we have energy efficiency solutions for everyone, no matter what your needs. Whether you need basic tools to help better manage your current configuration more efficiently, or need to completely replace outdated infrastructure, we can provide you with the tools you need to best manage energy use.


iEnergy has an expert staff that is highly skilled in energy usage and the best ways to reduce it. Our experts have a background in planning and executing energy efficiency projects in a timely matter and on budget. We pride ourself on our attention to detail and the highly professional manner in which we capitalize on energy efficient opportunities, as well as the most cost efficient solutions in the industry.


Energy that Works

 for You


We have a thorough, detailed checklist we follow for each and every client:


  • Identify your consumption rates, energy management needs, and efficiency opportunities.


  • Gather facility-specific information.


  • Engineer effective solutions.


  • Present project recommendations.


  • Secure incentives.


  • Execute your energy efficiency projects.


  • Monitor the results and identify new savings opportunities.


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