reduce your home electricity & gas rate, commercial electricity & gas rate, or your industrial electricity & gas rate


Requires 3 Simple Steps


We Submit an Letter of Authorization (LOA)

The Letter of Authorization allows a customers Energy Advisor, to pull their Historical Usage Data (HUD) from the local utility company. We submit the form on behalf and at no obligation to the customer.


This data is necessary to analyze a customers power/energy consumption, patterns and other key factors. iEnergy then develops an energy strategy for the customer that can help them save up to 25% on annual energy costs.


You can download, complete and submit an LOA below.

Or                           and we will submit it for you.

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Customer Electricity & Gas Analysis

Once we receive your HUD, we learn all we can about the way your business uses energy. We determine factors and help you choose the energy product from the energy provider that is best for you.


Some energy rates and products contain hidden fees and distribution charges that many customer easily overlook. The lowest energy rate doesn't always mean the most money saved over a given period of time.


We help make sure you don't pay hidden energy expenses


iEnergy Gives you Multiple Energy Options

The last step is the proposal. This is the end result of all the suppliers bidding on your energy account. Once an agreement is structured to meet your needs, we then will facilitate a seamless switch from your current energy supplier to your new energy supplier.


Our objective is the same as yours - to obtain the most economical supply arrangement available.


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